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Mush innovates at the intersection of biotechnology and sustainability, creating mycelium-based materials as a viable alternative to conventional plastics and construction resources. Our biofabricated products stand out for their environmental benefits, performance characteristics, and versatility, our materials decompose 4 weeks and contribute to capture carbon within the material. With LCA of the product from gate to gate, we absorb 1 kilo of CO2 of 1 Kilo of product made. The resulting material in the end of its life-cycle, can return to the soil as soil conditioner 2A, with a performance simmilar to the EPS considering thermal insulation and 5x density, but it's as strong as softwood. As Brasilian company, we're scaling up to compete with polystyrene, we're already cost-competitive with others mycelium based materials of other companies. The resulting patented thecnology, we can customize to specific shapes, densities, and sizes. Our materials can be adapted to a wide range of applications, from protective packaging to acoustic panels and design products.

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Mush creates sustainable, mycelium-based materials: eco-friendly, versatile, and high-performance for various industries.

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