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In4D-Mater, we develop a beyond-the-state-of-the-art, economic viable smart, biodegradable & plantable materials, under the name “GrowMaterials”. Grow Materials will challenge and replace fossil-based materials in high impact industries for achieving decarbonization goals, and protect land & water from solid wastes using principles from biology. At the end of life of the Grow Foams, we produce plants instead of micro-plastics. We offer low-density core materials for biodegradable packaging and other applications in order to replace polystyrene and other plastics such as polycarbonate. We combine uniquely, A) biodegradable materials using biopolymers from food industries (mainly fishery industry), fast growing seeds, natural fibres and ceramics, that are used for faster decomposition of the foams, and grow edible plants or flowers, after the disposal of the packaging materials. These smart packaging materials will eliminate solid wastes and create green areas and minimize environmental damages. The sustainability analysis dictates significant advantages in terms of CO2 footprint, eco-toxicity, human health and resource depletion.

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