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Amphitex materials stand out for their environmental and performance qualities. These materials are designed as a PFAS-free alternative to traditional waterproof breathable textiles, addressing the harmful impacts of PFAS/PFC chemicals found in durable water repellent (DWR) coatings and waterproof membranes. PFAS chemicals are known for their damaging effects on human and animal health and environmental persistence, and its removal from soil and water alone is expected to cost over €84B annually in the EU alone. Amphitex's innovation lies in its circular construction together with its PFAS-free material uniqueness. The Amphidry™ Yarn used in the face fabric is inherently superhydrophobic, eliminating the need for additional chemical coatings. The waterproof membrane which is laminated on the back of the face fabric to constitute Amphitex, is also PFAS-free and does not produce harmful chemical compounds during recycling. Our design allows for complete recyclability of the garment, closing the loop on textile waste. Furthermore, Amphitex materials are environmentally friendly, featuring a waterproof rating of 20,000 mmH2O and breathability targeted to reach 10,000 g/m²/24hr. Their PFAS-free nature ensures no harmful chemicals are used, which is vital as PFAS are known to bioaccumulate in nature and pose health risks. Amphitex offers a solution that balances high performance with environmental responsibility, reducing the need for clients to choose between the two. Traditional PFAS-free alternatives often compromise on durability and performance, whereas Amphitex maintains these qualities without environmental toxicity. In terms of environmental impact, switching to Amphitex can lead to significant reductions in carbon emissions, PFAS leakage into nature, fabric waste, and freshwater usage. This holistic approach to material development positions Amphitex as a leader in sustainable, high-performance textile innovation.

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Amphico is a sustainable materials company that creates long-lasting mono-material textiles for the outdoor industry. Their products are waterproof, breathable, and made of PFAS-free materials. They offer Amphitex, a 100% recyclable and coating-free alternative to traditional waterproof breathable textiles. Their innovation allows for the creation of circular lifecycle solutions, preventing textile waste and environmental toxicity. Amphico's impact is to provide high-performance, sustainable materials for the outdoor industry. Amphico's team is a combination of experienced scientists and designers passionate about making the future a better place. Their innovation, the artificial gill, received international recognition and was featured in several major news articles. Amphico is based in an unknown country and was founded in 2018.

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