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We make wood panels out of agri residues without cutting a single tree  Panels of standard size 1,22*2,44 cm with thicknesses from 8 to 20 mm  

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Agrona is an Egyptian company that produces high-quality chipboard using green-based composites. Their chipboard meets international standards and is available in different types for various applications. Agrona's technology reduces manufacturing costs by over 30% and solves many problems faced by local manufacturers. Their vision is to become the market share leader in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa while contributing to the industrial resonance in Egypt and developing rural communities. Agrona's impact includes saving hard currency, saving the environment, and reducing carbon emissions. They utilize and benefit from wasted resources to produce highly valued chipboard. Agrona's focus on sustainable materials and innovative technology makes them a reliable choice for businesses looking for eco-friendly chipboard solutions.

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