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Woodly is a Finnish technology company. They produce a new type of wood cellulose-based, carbon-neutral, recyclable, and transparent plastic called Woodly®. Their products are available in granular form suitable for use as raw materials in the plastics industry and are safe to use for food packaging, complying with EU regulations. Woodly® is aimed at the plastics industry, and their role is to develop materials technology and support their partners' sales and marketing operations. Their wood-based plastic material is a significant innovation in the industry, providing a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. Woodly is committed to sustainability, carbon neutrality, and a circular economy, and their products are recyclable and designed to be recycled multiple times. Woodly's focus on science and proven technology ensures that their products are of the highest quality and meet the needs of a range of industries, including flexible and rigid packaging applications for food, flowers, textiles, and electronics.


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