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Thermo Natur is a German company that produces eco-friendly and sustainable insulation materials. Their flagship product, THERMO HANF®, is made from hemp, a fast-growing plant that requires no pesticides and binds more CO2 than any other agricultural crop in the region. Thermo Natur's production process is powered by renewable energy, and they use no harmful chemicals in their products. Their closed-loop production system ensures that their insulation materials can be recycled and reused without generating any waste. Thermo Natur's innovation in sustainable insulation has a positive impact on the environment and the health of their employees and customers. Their products include Thermo Hanf Combi Jute Dämmmatte, trittschall-dämmung, stopfwolle, lehmputze, lehmfarben, and lemex lehmbauplatte. These natural building materials provide sound insulation, fill gaps, and create natural and healthy living spaces. Thermo Natur's use of sustainable materials such as hemp and clay contributes to a more environmentally friendly construction industry. Their impact is seen in the promotion of sustainable building practices and the creation of healthier living spaces.


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