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The Hurd Co is a sustainable materials company that produces agrilose™, a man-made cellulosic feedstock pulp made from 100% agricultural waste. Their patented process extracts viable cellulose from agricultural residues, which traditional pulping technologies cannot do. Their zero-waste product uses half the water and 350 times less energy than conventional fiber pulp. Their product is used by apparel brands to produce viscose/rayon, modal, or lyocell fabric, which are typically made from trees. The Hurd Co's innovation lies in their ability to reduce deforestation by using material that is normally thrown away or burned after food crops are harvested. The Hurd Co was founded in an unspecified year and is supported by Canopy Policy. Their product, agrilose™, is tree-free and zero-waste, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional apparel-grade feedstock pulp. The company's mission is to reduce the number of trees logged every year for apparel by using agriwaste. The Hurd Co's sustainable materials are a viable option for apparel brands looking to reduce their environmental impact.


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