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With the intention of reconciling the economy and sustainability of the plastic industry Polykey Polymers (POLYKEY) is a spin-off company providing R&D solutions and producing innovative raw materials for the polymer industry. To contribute to the more efficient and sustainable production of plastics, POLYKEY acts along three lines that have been established as objectives for a transition towards a sustainable future: bio-sourced plastics, chemical recycling of polymers, and materials for energy storage. The company arises from the academic world with the aim of transferring its most innovative and successful technologies to industrial plants. To this end, POLYKEY has protected a first technology for the production of versatile biobased polyols, for the polyurethane industry, a second for the recycling of commonly used polycarbonate into valuable molecules, and a third for on the recycling of poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET). POLYKEY is led by a duo of women fully dedicated to the development and industrialisation of technologies for a more sustainable future, which makes us hope that we can be an example for other women and girls as influential female leaders leading a company with impact. In 3 years of existence, we have attracted more than 1.8 M€ of funding, participated in 6 European projects, employed 6 persons, filed 3 patents, won 4 awards, acquired more than 100 clients, and licensed one of our technologies.







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