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Loop Industries is a Cadanadian company that focuses on developing innovative technology to address the environmental impact caused by PET plastic and polyester fiber waste. Their goal is to create a more sustainable world by closing the loop on plastic waste through their revolutionary technology. Loop Industries has developed a proprietary depolymerization technology that allows them to break down previously unrecyclable PET plastic and polyester fiber waste into their base building blocks. These building blocks are then purified and polymerized into Loop™ branded PET plastic and polyester fiber, which is made from 100% recycled content. Their end product is high purity and suitable for use in food-grade packaging. Loop Industries operates an industrial-scale demonstration facility where they break down waste PET plastic and polyester fiber. Their cutting-edge testing and research in this facility allow them to meet the needs of their clients. Loop Industries is dedicated to making cutting-edge science an everyday reality and driving fundamental change in the plastic and fiber manufacturing industry.


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