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ISA Next-Gen Materials is a global leader in the manufacturing of Next-Gen materials, specializing in producing eco-friendly leathers and sustainable new materials for footwear, handbags, apparel and accessories. It implements its trademarked LITE (Low Impact to the Environment) manufacturing concept in all facilities. The LITE concept defines and guarantees a high standard of environmental sustainability in the manufacturing process.For three decades the group has been globally recognized as the most sustainable leather manufacturer by the world’s top footwear brands establishing a unique reputation for ISA TanTec. The sustainable additional materials business unit ISA COSM carries forward this unique reputation.HyphaLite™ material, developed by ISA's COSM business unit, is a flagship product known for its 100% biobased composition. Made from certified natural latex, FSC-certified regenerated cellulose fibers, and incorporating mushrooms, this innovative material showcases exceptional sustainability features while ensuring tested manufacturability. Notably, international brands such as Tamaris, Puma, Saucony, and Camper have embraced the use of HyphaLite™ in their product lines, highlighting its versatility and eco-friendly qualities.

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