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HZCORK is a leading cork fabric manufacturer. With over 10 years of experience, they specialize in producing high-quality cork fabric and vegan leather bags. Their cork fabrics are made from 100% natural FSC certified cork raw material and offer over 500 patterns. With an eco-friendly backing, their cork fabrics are comparable to leather in terms of quality and durability. HZCORK supplies major international brands, wholesalers, retailers, fabric and leather stores, and shops with dependable cork leather fabrics. They offer flexible MOQ, allowing small quantity orders for trial purposes. In addition to their regular cork fabric, HZCORK has innovated coffee cork fabric, a unique material made from a combination of recycled coffee grounds and natural cork. This innovative material not only has a texture and durability similar to traditional cork but also carries a distinctive coffee aroma. HZCORK's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness makes them a valuable partner for businesses in the fashion industry looking for a more environmentally conscious alternative to animal leather.


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