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Cruz Foam is a US-based circular materials company founded by John and Marco in 2017. Their patented compostable foam products outperform plastic-based alternatives and exceed industry standards for sustainability. Cruz Foam aims to replace plastic bubble wrap, mailers, and foam coolers with their customizable, earth-friendly products. Their products are highly effective for cushioned shipment of electronics, appliances, automotive, aerospace, and delicate goods. Cruz Foam's impact is significant, diverting 817 football fields worth of expanded polystyrene from landfills and mitigating 17,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year. Cruz Foam's biodegradable foam is made from natural and responsibly-sourced materials, and can be composted in as little as 60 days. Their products are designed to be compostable or recyclable, with a focus on reducing waste and mitigating the effects of plastic pollution. Cruz Foam Inside products are designed to be recycled alongside paper. Their products have a significant impact on reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability. Cruz Foam is ideal for individuals and businesses who prioritize eco-friendliness and sustainability.


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