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As of today, 30% of the total amount plastic is being abandoned in nature, specially degrading into micro plastics which we later ingest by consuming regular food. European Union is moving forward by banning SUP (single use plastics) within packaging, and so is SMUSH.  SMUSH materials produces a new compostable and natural packaging that can be applied as secondary/filler packaging as alternative to single use plastics such as styrofoam.  Industries and brands are now looking for innovative solutions which can be both environmental friendly and economically sustainable. SMUSH solutions show great mechanical strength and cushioning effect, are fire & water proof but most of all biodegradable, which means they cab be tore apart and disposed as humid/organic by the end user with no damage to the environment. Finally,  the disposal cost of SMUSH materials are cheaper compared to Styrofoam (generally 20% of the current price) generating new value inside the supply chain.  SMUSH materials are made of organic byproduct collected from big producers and mycelium, being 100% natural with no synthetic glues. 

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