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CleanFiber is a US-based company that produces eco-friendly cellulose insulation made from recycled newsprint. Their state-of-the-art production facility in Buffalo produces 3 million bags annually, allowing them to offer their product at competitive pricing. Their insulation is infused with an all-borate, liquid fire retardant to provide superior fire safety. CleanFiber's impact is in providing a solution to the dwindling supplies of newsprint while also offering an eco-friendly insulation option to the construction industry. CleanFiber's proprietary wet separation and infusion process ensures low dust and contamination, resulting in high-quality insulation that is easy to install and provides superior coverage. Their stable supply chain and long-term, affordable pricing make their product accessible to a wider range of customers. CleanFiber is committed to building a more energy-efficient world and providing a sustainable insulation product that meets customer expectations.


Uses Recycled Material


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