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Carapac has developed a sustainable, durable, and home compostable plastic alternative made from crustacean shell waste. Our material is novel and comes in various forms including a glad wrap, soft plastic (bags, sleeves), and semi-rigid form (trays, punnets, containers) and therefore has many applications. We are currently targeting the fresh produce market with our packaging. Carapac’s packaging has natural antimicrobial properties that extends shelf life of fresh produce significantly by up to 10days extra. This property can reduce the amount of fresh produce food waste and the associated costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Our material can last for 2 years in a stable environment, however when exposed to soil microbes it breaks down into a slow release fertilizer in 3-6 weeks. This means you can simply throw used Carapac packaging into your garden, plant pots, home compost or green-bin and it will breakdown naturally and quickly. Since it acts as a slow release fertiliser this can stimulate plant growth. It is also considered ocean friendly. We can customise the colour, clarity, thickness and design of our material to meet specific packaging requirements. It has also been developed to fit into existing packaging production lines and machinery.

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