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Bolt Threads is a US-based company that creates sustainable materials for the fashion and textile industries. Their innovative products include Mylo, a leather-like material made from mycelium, and Microsilk, a protein-based fiber that replicates the properties of spider silk. Bolt Threads uses bioengineering to produce these materials with less environmental impact than traditional manufacturing. Their goal is to reduce the environmental impact of textile manufacturing while meeting consumers' needs. Bolt Threads also formulates clean beauty ingredients for the personal care industry. Their patented b-silkTM protein is a biobased, biodegradable, and vegan polypeptide that acts as a weightless defense system against environmental aggressors. Bolt Beauty works directly with brands to incorporate b-silkTM protein into their products and leads ongoing research and development. Their innovation has led to the creation of Eighteen B, a skincare brand featuring b-silkTM protein.


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