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Bluepha is a molecular and materials innovation company based in China. They specialize in synthetic biology technology and are reshaping biotechnology through the use of computational and data science. Their team of biologists, data scientists, and software and hardware engineers work together to develop new bio-molecules and materials for innovative products. Bluepha utilizes synthetic biology to harness the vast diversity of molecules and materials found in nature, and their digital platform allows them to analyze and design biological systems with new insights. Their goal is to redefine biomanufacturing through the use of synthetic biology and digital platforms, overcoming the complexities and uncertainties of traditional biotechnology. Bluepha creates sustainable solutions for various industries by developing biodegradable materials derived from microbial fermentation. They aim to replace traditional materials with eco-friendly alternatives, such as PHA, a biopolymer that can be used in multiple industries to help achieve global carbon reduction goals. In addition, Bluepha pioneers the use of microbiota in promoting scientific health, offering probiotics and engineered bacteria for personalized functional food and innovative treatments. They also contribute to the green revolution in the beauty and fashion industry by producing bio-synthetic cosmetics and medical materials. Bluepha's mission is to create a sustainable and better future through the application of biotechnology and DNA coding.






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