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Arqlite is a US-based company that produces eco-friendly Smart Gravel™️ for sustainable construction projects. Their lightweight, dust-free, and long-lasting synthetic aggregate is made from upcycled plastics, reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy. With 10x better thermal and acoustic insulation and 50% installation time savings, Arqlite Smart Gravel™️ is 3x lighter than mineral gravel and 70% lighter. Their low-carbon formula reduces CO2 emissions by 50% compared to virgin plastics, making it an ideal choice for the construction industry. Arqlite also offers eco-friendly resin blends for injection molding and extrusion processes. Their Low CO2 Repro Pellets and Composite Homogenized Repro Pellets are made from clean, post-industrial, recycled plastics, contributing to a more sustainable operation while significantly reducing costs. With a Global Warming Potential of only 0.215kg CO2 Eq per 1kG of synthetic resin, Arqlite's products are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Founded in Santa Ana, California, Arqlite is dedicated to revolutionizing the world of plastics by offering sustainable and innovative solutions for a greener future.


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