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We are experts in materials from natural latex and work with a 100% Brazilian chain. Much beyond from what everybody knows, our materials are real alternatives to replace leather, synthetics and to bring new looks for fashion and design. We do believe in the potential of natural rubber in fashion and design. Our main materials are: LaVeg™ - our alternative latex biomaterial to replace leather, which is vegan, biodegradable, PU and PVC free. Wild coloured rubber: translucid and colourful layers of rubber produced by local communities in the Amazon rainforest, which can be applied to fashion accessories, jewellery, and several kinds of embellishment. Coloured rubberised yarns and cords are produced in the Amazon Rainforest, they can be woven, crochet, knitted and also become bag handles, accessory finishing, laces, and much more. Available in many colours and thicknesses. Fluid latex layers: this is our new development, comprising very thin layers of latex which remind silk but have a unique feeling.

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AMADEU - Amazonian Materials & Design United is a sustainable materials company based in Brazil. They specialize in the production of wild rubber and other eco-friendly materials for the fashion and product design industry. Founded in 2016, AMADEU - Amazonian Materials & Design United takes a holistic approach to sustainability, supporting local producers who integrate their economic activities with the sustainable use of natural resources. By using materials sourced from the Amazon rainforest, AMADEU - Amazonian Materials & Design United helps protect large areas of the native rainforest and supports rainforest micro-economies, thereby avoiding deforestation, mining, and cattle ranching. Their innovative materials, such as TEA, FDL, FSA, and MBS, are opportunities for better income generation for local communities and promote the inclusion of women and young adults in the production chain.

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