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Agraloop is a circular and regenerative technology company that transforms crop residue into BioFibre for the fashion industry. Their specialized wet processing technique creates high-quality natural fiber products while reducing water usage and CO2 emissions. Their products include staple fiber, yarn, and fabric for clothing, footwear, accessories, and durable home goods.

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Agraloop, developed by Circular Systems, is a technology that refines natural fibers derived from agricultural crops into textile-grade fiber called Agraloop BioFibre. This innovative process involves the purification of cellulose fiber from stems and leaves into soft fiber bundles ready to spin into yarns. The materials produced by Agraloop, such as high-quality knit and woven fabrics, are made from leftovers of various food and medicine crops, including oilseed hemp/flax, CBD hemp, banana, and pineapple.

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