tocco: accelerate the arrival of a regenerative economy


tocco: accelerate the arrival of a regenerative economy

Every generation has its burdens, dramas, and traumas.

In our case, the challenge is monumental: the rapid transformation of our planet, and not for the better.

History of atmospheric CO2 levels over time (source)History of atmospheric CO2 levels over time (source)

Yet, there's no time to despair.

Humans as a species are equipped like never before, powered by an unprecedented level of global connectivity, access to vast pools of knowledge, and the marvels of digital technology.

Together, we are primed to tackle this grand challenge head-on.

tocco exists to accelerate the arrival of a regenerative economy.

We do that by creating the world’s largest low-carbon & regenerative material platform to connect purpose-driven suppliers with innovative brands.

What do we talk about when we talk about regenerative economy?

By “regenerative economy”, we envision a world where every production and consumption cycle nourish rather than exhausts nature.

In order to achieve this new economy, tocco chooses to tackle a fundamental element of our economy: materials.

Just look around where you are right now and imagine:

  • these walls don’t have to be in toxic cement, they could be all made from mushroom
  • these t-shirts don’t have to be made from fossil-based synthetic fibers, but instead, they could be all made from seaweed

Imagine an economy in which: the more we produce the better it is for the biosphere.

Imagined a world in which your bags or clothes or chairs can be thrown away, get rotten, become fertilizers, and nurture the soil.

This is the world we are striving to create.

Luckily, we are not alone in this quest.

A myriad of innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses are already paving the way towards this regenerative economy, all across the globe. We are thinking about Strong by Form, a Chilian startup that reinvents cement with wood alternatives; BT Group, a Japanese manufacturer that produces rice-based toys that your kids can swallow and be completely fine; Forestwise, an Indonesian company working on wild-harvest rainforest ingredients for non-toxic cosmetic products; and Bluepha, a Chinese startup working on a new-gen plant-based plastic alternative that has the potential to change the future of polymers.

These unsung heroes are among thousands and millions of innovators and visionaries who are leading the regenerative economy, quietly and relentlessly around the world. They just need to be found by people and companies that are looking for solutions…

Regenerative economy: how can an alternative materials platform get us there?

At tocco, we are working hard to create the world’s largest low-carbon and regenerative materials platform to connect these innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to brands who are looking for solutions.

Imagine a world where your post-marathon water is not just clean but encased in edible seaweed-based packaging. Envision a place where your worn-out shoes become fertilizer for trees and flowers, where the colors around you come from nutritious micro-algae, not harmful dyes.

This is the world we are fighting for.

With fewer than 100 months until 2030, each passing month is over 1% of the time we have to make a significant change.

We believe that the brightest minds of our generation, those previously engaged in perfecting ad clicks, now empowered with generative AI, can pivot our trajectory from degeneration to regeneration.

As homo sapiens, we are known for our knack for pulling off miracles at the last minute.

We've done it time and time again.

We might just pull it off once more.

Follow us on this journey to unf*** the planet.

💡 Download our glossary A-Z Biomaterials to dive into the world of regenerative materials here

Written by Anh N. on 06/07/2023

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